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Operation Considerate – your chance to help make our roads safer

by clairehalliwell on 10 February, 2018

In a move to improve driving standards in this area GMP have begun a new project named ‘Operation Considerate’ to encourage the public to get more involved in making our roads safer. Dashcams are becoming popular car accessories and can be invaluable in providing evidence of road crimes so the police are asking people with footage showing illegal and inconsiderate driving to send it to them for action to be taken.

If you have footage that you think may be useful to the police, information about what to do next can be found using the following link:

When you have read the instructions you can email your report to: [email protected] Please note that you must provide all the information described on the web page and after that instructions on how to upload your footage will be sent to you.

Speeding motorists will have more to contend with in the near future as GMP plan to issue Neighbourhood officers and PCSOs with radar speed guns, confident that if more people are caught exceeding the speed limit it will encourage other drivers in the area to slow down. GMP also want to promote public involvement via Community Speed Watch which can be especially useful in areas considered to be rat runs, where residents are worried that their safety is compromised.

Members of the public will be trained to use radar speed detectors and while drivers caught speeding by them cannot be fined, they will receive warning letters from the police.

The information generated by Community Speed Watch will be very helpful in identifying areas where speeding traffic is causing problems . For more information click on the link below:

If you know of an area where speeding traffic is a problem you can use the website to form a new watch by selecting ‘Create New Group’.

Please let us know if you do this so that we can support you and publicise your efforts.

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