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Meadowbank school update

by clairehalliwell on 4 February, 2018

Our thanks to the many residents who responded from Demmings and Brookfield Roads which have been particularly affected.

On Monday Highways staff together with June,John and Paul met the Head Teacher and governor colleagues to discuss the next steps to deal withe long standing problem. Meadowbank is one of a number of schools where the Council is giving priority to tackling nearby unsafe, thoughtless parking .

Highways will work to improve signage and install bollards at appropriate locations over the next three months. They will also observe parking, to formulate proposals for necessary,additional  traffic regulation orders (TROs). As these have a legal status the process requires  full consultation with residents before they are made.

In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact any of the team or myself regarding anything which we can pass on to highways.

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